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Who Is Nick Jonas Having A Twitter War With?
  • 2 July, 2015
  • by Vanessa Daccache

Nick Jonas and CrossFit are having a Twitter war after the pop star called out the fitness company for making an “ignorant” joke about

Kim K: “Rob Smokes And Drinks All Day Long”
  • 2 July, 2015
  • by Vanessa Daccache

Kim Kardashian may look hot on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but her interview is ice cold!

Kim opens to readers about where her

Why Did Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Split?
  • 2 July, 2015
  • by Vanessa Daccache

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced that they are headed for divorce and today rumors have circulated as to what broke the famous couple

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