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5 Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Christmas is right around the block! Here, at Radio One, we know how difficult it is to get the perfect gifts to your loved ones, so, we’ve fixed up a list of the best gifts you could get your boyfriend. We’re pretty sure he’s going to adore them.

1.The Beard Bid

One quick fact about guys: They all hate it when their beard hair messes up the place as they trim it. However, with Beard Bib, they just won’t have to worry about it anymore. Being the latest innovation in the men’s grooming industry, it captures the falling hairs. Its usage is very simple. You tie to your neck, and stick it to the mirror in front of you. Et voilà!

beard bib 14058425_1391724724175505_1824015202_n
Beard Bid/

You can buy it over here

2.The Barracuda Backpack

You thought humans are smart? Wait till you check out this backpack! Not only does it alert you when you walk with an open bag, and is lockable, but, it also charges your cellphone! Come on, your beau’s bound to adore it.

Barracuda Backpack/

You can buy it over here

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