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8 Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Watching movies is always a fun activity, especially if they’re movies with exceptional content.

But watching some movies with your parents is just awkward, especially when your mother feels obliged to close your eyes! If you’re planning on a family gathering to watch a movie, then make sure to avoid the films we’re going to mention right now.

1. Bridesmaids

At first, this movie appears to be a chic, and funny take of something related to weddings, sounds pretty innocent right? Wrong. The humor of this movie is supposedly hilarious, but not for parents. Profound language that many of your parents are totally against give clear signs as to why Bridesmaids is not an ideal movie you would want to watch on movie night with your family.

2. American Pie

American Pie is a classic comedy film that’s adored by many teens, but not by many parents. Many who remember the movie can quickly bring up the pie scene in their minds, which is probably why it’s best to keep this away from your parents.

3. Brüno

You can instantly tell from the movie’s feature image that this wouldn’t be your parent’s cup of tea. But assuming you didn’t see the image, this movie is literally filled with inappropriate scenes. The actor holds no boundaries to being a complete clown when it comes to on-screen humor, which ridicules cultures, religion, specific types of women, homosexuality, amongst others.

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