Beauty & the Beast’s Hints a Sequel Is Coming

Bill Condons directorial ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is reportedly getting a sequel.

The production company Disney wants to continue making the next installment to follow the success of the Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starrer.

“With the expected monster opening of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the excitement that has surrounded the film, they are already considering a sequel to be released around 2019 or 2020,” said a source.

Emma Watson/Credit: Screenshot

“They want everyone back for an original story. It is the next phase of what Disney would like to do with their live-action sequels to their animated classics,” the source added.

Emma Watson/Credit: Screenshot

Of course the original tale has Belle’s teardrop break the curse and turns the beast back into a handsome prince, and the last we see of them the couple is happily dancing away in a ballroom.

Beauty and the Beast/screenshot

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