Blake Lively’s Valentine’s Day Gift Will Make Think Twice About Yours!

Blake lively and ryan reynolds /Credit: by WENN.com
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds/Credit: WENN.com

Even though Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are going through a rough patch, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are here to prove to us that love does exist. The amazing actress talked about her husband and the gift he got her for Valentine’s Day while she was at a party. Get the latest details right here!

Blake Lively /
Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

At L’Oreal‘s pre- Valentine’s Day party which was held on the 13th of February, attendees couldn’t help but notice that Blake was sporting something different. Something shiny and huge! It wasn’t until later that they knew that it was her Valentine’s Day gift from her husband.

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

Blake Lively was spotted by Sally Holmes wearing a huge bling. When she was asked about it, she seemed super chill about it, saying: “Well, this was my Valentine’s Day gift, one of them, apparently.” Click next! She said the sweetest thing!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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