Cate Blanchett Knows the Real Secret Behind Beauty & Attractiveness

Cate Blanchett/ Credit: by shutterstock.com

Cate Blanchett believes being “really loved” helps to make someone look beautiful.

The 47-year-old actress thinks beauty comes from feeling confident in your own skin and also having a “group of friends or a partner” around you who are affectionate towards.

The golden-haired beauty told stylist magazine: “Beauty has a lot to do with confidence. I think beauty comes from when you’re really loved by a group of friends or a partner.”

Cate Blanchett/Credit:WENN.com

Although the ‘Carol’ star believes being beautiful is also due to an emotional factor, she also maintains a very strict daily skincare routine, which she rarely changes, to help her maintain a youthful complexion.

Cate Blanchett / Credit:bagshowbiz

She explained: “I’m very consistent for skincare. I use SK-II and I don’t tend to change.”

However, Cate has revealed if she wants to “alter” her mood she will experiment with her fragrances.

Cate Blanchett/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com

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