Celine Dion Made Notes Every Day

Celine Dion “took notes every day” in the last few months of her husband’s life to remember all the things he had said.

The ‘Power of Love’ hitmaker lost her husband René Angélil to throat cancer in January 2016 and in the time leading up to his tragic death, she would spend time with him, taking notes about the pearls of wisdom that he would share.

She said: “Touring the world is a big deal when you have three kids and travelling becomes problematic, it’s scary sometimes.

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It becomes more complex, and the grieving … He did suffer for three years. A lot. I took a year off and I said, ‘My living well is to be with you, it’s not my career. You are my career, you are my life.’

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“That’s what a wife does, that’s what a mother does, that’s what a performer does. I took care of him the best way I could. We talked a lot and I took notes every day. I had my Post-its and my crayons and my book, and everything he wanted or questioned, or he thought of, I wrote it down.”

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