Chris Hemsworth Promised His Wife to Learn Spanish & It’s Been 6 Years Down the Line!

Chris Hemsworth learns “one or two” Spanish words a year.

The ‘Thor’ star promised his wife Elsa Pataky that he would be speaking Spanish within two months after they met but six years down the line, he only knows a little bit.

She said: “He promised me that when we met. He said, ‘I will be speaking Spanish in two months.’ I’m like, ‘I want to see that.’ We’ve been together for six years and nothing! [But] he’s improving – every year he learns, like, one or two words.”

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky /Credit: bangshowbiz.com

And the 40-year-old model is teaching the couple’s three children – Tristan, three, Sasha, three, and India, four – Spanish as she feels it is “really important” for them to learn another language.

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She added to The TODAY Show: “I think it’s really important. That’s what my mum did for me with Romanian. She speaks to me in Romanian all the time.”

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