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Free February Phone Apps

There are amazing iPhone apps going on the market every day! So you can just get rid of the old, mundane ones and just hit those new ones!

All you need is just to know which to choose. So here are the best 10 free apps you can download this February!

1. 5 minute escapes

This app gives you the relaxation needed in 5 minutes with relaxing music, sound effects, and some visual effects.

5 minute escapes

2. Filmborn

This app allows you to give an effect of a video shot in old fashioned ways using nothing but your iPhone.



YEAY is a standard buying and selling app with just one little twist – it lets you use video to sell your things.


4. Snapsie

The idea is that you take a photo of yourself every single day so that you can physically see the weight dropping.


5. FaceRig

This app allows you to control a virtual reality character using your face.



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