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Is it OK To Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Your friend is dating this really alluring human being. Everything is going smoothly and they seem to be one of those couples that will last. Then, one day, they break up. You’ve always had feelings for their partners but you kept on oppressing them. What should you? Should you date your friend’s ex? Do you try your shot? Are they off-limits? This is confusing… Going after your ex’s friend is one of the harshest things you could everpossibly do.

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You’ve always had feelings for their partners but you kept on oppressing them.

It’s like backstabbing them when they least expect it and when they’re the most vulnerable. Usually, it will cause problems and trouble but, just like everything, there’s a loophole… and there is a way for you to go for their ex! Just make sure that you check these 4 tips’ validity.

1.You’ve Gotten Your Friend’s Blessing

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You’ve Gotten Your Friend’s Blessing

This has been put as number one for a reason. It’s CRUCIAL! Talk to them in person or call your friend. Tell them what’s going on in your head. If/when you get their blessing, it will, later on, relieve you of any sense of guilt. You have your friend’s consent, you’re not doing anything shady, not doing anything behind their backs.

2.Your Friend moved on… FOR GOOD!

at some point we fall out of love (yes, it happens) but we have too much history with the other person that we decide to stay
Your Friend moved on… FOR GOOD!

You have to be patient. You can’t hook up with your friend’s ex just hours after they break up… no matter how hot they are! Slow down the pace and make sure they’re completely over them. If you rush into things, you’ll probably cause loads of problems and drama.

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