New Apple Update – No More Hackers Taking Over Your Phone!

Addressing all Apple users: cellphones and tablets, you MUST get yourself the new apple upgrade now! Apple has released a new software update and this one will make sure to provide you full security protection from hackers! Now, we don’t want to scare the I-fans, but if you don’t get this upgrade soon, well, let’s just say that there might be a possibility of some surprise hackers visits! And you know hackers, they loooove to control your iPhones and iPads! Read more for further details about the new Apple software update:

Iphone/Credit: by

The new Apple software update is the OS 10.2.1 update. Now, there nothing specifically special about the update, concerning changes, there is really nothing to mention. While the new OS 10.2.1 update might be exactly the same as the previous software, there is one MAJOR fix added, one that you definitely need!

iOS 10.2.1/Screenchot
iOS 10.2.1/Screenchot

OS 10.2.1 update has wait for it, THIRTEEN fixes! Yes, what you read is correct, this new software update contains 13 fixes for security related issues. Now, imagine the situation without it, you and you 13 security issues Iphone, spooky right?

iOS 10.2.1/Screenshot
iOS 10.2.1/Screenshot

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