SMOVE: Transformational 2-in-1 Smartphone Stabilizer & Charger

We are living in a world where people use their smartphones as a looking glass into their lives. We have all become aspiring photographers, videographers, and editors with so many apps and gadgets making this possible. Recording a really high quality, steady video, however, is one challenge all of us amateur videographers face. So what if we told you that we found a smartphone stabilizer that is a real game changer.


No matter how professional our smart phone is with anti-shake built-in functions, we still can’t take a really good moving video unless we invest in some expensive or complicated equipment. This is why SMOVE is the perfect gadget for aspiring movie makers, short video producers, or anyone that wants to capture special moments in quality video.


It’s all in the name actually, SMOVE, coming from smooth and move. You can now take a steady video with your smartphone as you move without worrying about shake. It compensates for vertical and horizontal movement, so pair that with the quality resolution from smartphones today and you’ve got an amazing video!

Wait! That’s not all! What we love about SMOVE is that it solves 2 problems with one stone. The 2 in 1 solution also acts as an adaptor extending your smartphone battery life with a built-in powerbank in the handle. So with SMOVE you get more hours of stable video recording! The smartphone stabilizer can actually last days without needing a recharge and hours during exhaustive use. Perfect!


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