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12 Types of Food That Can Grow Your Breasts Naturally

Girls can increase their breasts’ size by eating specific foods and it is a lot cheaper than breast implants. Surgery may be stressful and painful sometimes.

Below are 12 foods you can eat to get bigger breasts:

12- Carrots

Cooked Carrots

This orange veggie contain a high amount of estrogen which only helps to enlarge your breasts. Consume this veggie raw or half boiled.

11- Beetroots 


Beetroots is a veggie which is rich in iron. It helps to promote a woman’s libido, and also in enhancing breasts naturally.

10- Spices

sage and oregano

Spices such as sage, clover, and oregano are some of the hot spices you can add to your salads to increase your ladies.

09- Fennel

Fennel contains something called “phyto-estrogens.” Phyto-estrogen is chemical found in plant that alters female’s fertility.

08- Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is a rare plant found in Northern Thailand that has been proven to increase breast size by up to 80%.

07- Wild Yam

Wild Yam

Wild yam contains a massive amount of phyto-estrogens, and can increase breast size significantly.

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