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5 Gifts to Get Your Tech-Obsessed Friend

Christmas is right around the block! Here, at Radio One, we know how difficult it is to get the perfect gifts to your loved ones, so, we’ve fixed up a list of the best gifts you could get your tech-obsessed friend. We’re pretty sure they’re going to adore them.

1.The GoTenna Mesh

Worried your phone won’t get any bars? Not anymore! The GoTenna Mesh generates it own radio signal, which means that you can text any time any where any other goTennas that are as far as several miles! Not only that, but, they carry it in their pockets!

GoTenna Mesh/
GoTenna Mesh/

You can buy it here


SMOVE is the perfect gadget for aspiring movie makers, short video producers, or anyone that wants to capture special moments in quality video. Thanks to this gadget, your friend can take a steady video, since it’s a phone stabilizer, and their battery won’t run out, since it’s an adapter. What was that saying? Two birds, one stone?


You can buy it here

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