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8 Pros & Cons You Need to Know About Nipple Piercing

Okay, nipple piercing is something rebellious and a little masochist, to be honest. It is something risky to do; a nipple piercing just says ‘sex!’

Reminder that your nipple is one of the most sensitive parts of your body! If you think they’re sensitive now, just wait till you put a piercing in that thing. At the moment, however, it will be quick!

  1. Pain:

At the moment, the pain is just for a few seconds, but over the next few days, you will feel like your nipple will just fall off!

  1. Popularity:



You will get more likes on Instagram, that’s for sure. You will realize, however, that your nipple is more attractive than your face.

  1. Speaking of Instagram:


sexy phone
Speaking of Instagram

Yes, you want to scream “FREE THE NIPPLE!” Instagram might just delete your pic.

  1. Sex though:
Sex though

Your nipple would look extremely sexy on one hand. Sex is the only time where your nipple will be seen.

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