Bella Thorne Receives Death Threats From 1D Fans

Bella THorne

Bella Thorne learned that the band that got broken up almost a year ago, One Direction, still have a fan base that is solid as ever!

Bella Thorne/ Credit: WENN.com

The 19 year old actress got the taste of how solid their fans are on February 15. She simply commented “awww’ on the Louis Tomlinson’s new Instagram post of him and his new girl group.


Публикация от Louis Tomlinson (@louist91)

One fan noticed the comment and went crazy on her. Comments on Instagram were like, ‘Stay on your d*** lane,’ or ‘get out of his comments he’s not interested.’

Louis Tomlinson/Credit: by WENN.com

Things didn’t just stop there. Things moved to Twitter and things got dirty real fast! Fans didn’t think twice before expressing their thoughts and feelings about what happened.

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