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Introducing inkbox : Innovative Tattoo Solution!

Want A Tattoo Without The Lifelong Commitment Or Regret?
Afraid Of Needles And Would Prefer No Pain Whatsoever?
Want To Fulfill Your Dreams While Helping Others Reach Them Too?

Introducing inkboxTM; The look and feel of a 100% organic real tattoo for 2 weeks applied in 15 minutes

Choose your own personal tattoo with over 300 pre-made designs. The tattoos come in various shapes and sizes that will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Also, the inkbox tattoo comes in a super cool and sleek black kit with everything you need to apply at home, without the hustle and bustle of going to a tattoo parlor.

The two week tattoo is a different alternative from any other temporary tattoo on the market because it gives the look and feel of an ordinary tattoo minus the pain and lower the price.

The science of inkbox tattoos is what separates it from traditional tattoos.

Traditional tattoos are permanent because they sit deep below the surface of your skin.

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