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Jeremy Shayne: Writing His Story

Jeremy Shayne

Jeremy is a singer/songwriter from Beirut, however moved to the US at the age of 3. He moved around a lot as a child, and talks a lot about how tough it was for him to keep friends, so he turned to music, which remained the one constant thing around him.

Jeremy Shayne

In 2014, Jeremy started live streaming on YouNow, where he quickly accumulated 40k followers with thousands watching his weekly live streams.

Jeremy Shayne

In 2015, Jeremy started producing and releasing original content, which he has a huge passion in. He was then chosen as a finalist put on DIGIFest:DigiTour, where he garnered attention from top music executives at Sony Records in the U.S.

Jeremy Shayne/screenshot
Jeremy Shayne

In 2016, Jeremy moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full time and released his very first single “Lost in the Universe” in which he wrote, produced, sang and engineered all by himself.

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