Katy Perry Recalls “Disgusting” First Kiss

Katy Perry /Credit: by shutterstock.com

Katy Perry’s first kiss felt like her mouth was being “invaded by a slug”.

Katy Perry/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com
Katy Perry/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com

The 32-year-old musician has shared the slightly gruesome details of her first ever “French kiss” which took place during a party when she was in sixth grade, and has said that there was “no cadence” to the affectionate gesture which felt like a “wet fish in [her] mouth”.

Katy Perry

Speaking to W magazine, the ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ hitmaker recalled: “My first French kiss was in sixth grade in Big Bear, California. I was hanging out with this girl from church who had a bit of a reputation. She had a coed party, and I was not allowed to go to a coed party until eighth grade. But I went anyway.

Katy Perry/Credit: Shutterstock.com
Katy Perry/Credit: Shutterstock.com

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