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People Are Most Likely to Cheat at The Age of ***

Your partner is most likely to cheat at the age of ...

Have you ever wondered if your spouse is cheating on you? Now, Illicit Encounters have made a new study that might help you out with your problem. According to the new research, your partner is more likely to cheat on you in the last year of a decade. Read more.


A news study has revealed that “people are twice as likely to cheat on their partners when they turn 39.” Also, the possibility of having an affair increases when they are at the last year of the decade. For example: 29, 39, 49, 59, etc… This is mainly because men and women think that those years are critical points of one’s life.


As to why cheating is the highest at the age of 39, it’s because many people do truly believe that their lives being at the age of 40, revealed The site is one of Britain’s leading dating websites for married people, and is the one that conducted the research.


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