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Radio One Top 20 – Week 35 – September 2nd Till September 9th

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“Treat You Better” is the leading single off Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes’s second studio album “Illuminate”. It was released on june 3rd of this year, and just like all of Mendes’s previous songs, this one is stuck in our head too! The infectious melody and sweet words make this song absolutely heart wrenching, and wait till you see the video!
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Over the upbeat, EDM-infused production, RiRi and Calvin deliver a catchy, dance-friendly anthem that will surely shake up the charts & airwaves the moment it hits them. No word yet as for where this will end up, but it’s presumed to see life Calvin’s upcoming follow up to Motion, which is currently in the works.
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”We Don’t Talk Anymore” is one of the nine tracks on Charlie Pluth’s debut studio album “Nine Track Mind” released earlier this year in January. The collaboration was a result of a friendship bloom before the two artists in London. Charlie wrote the song and sent it over to Selena who absolutely fell in love with the tune and agreed to be the track. The recording process for Selena’s vocals was pretty unconventional. According to Charlie, Selena went over to Charlie’s and ended up laying down her vocals through a mic placed in a closet!
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