Selena Gomez Felt “Really Violated” as a Child Star

Selena Gomez/Credit: by WENN.com

Selena Gomez felt “really violated” as a child star.

The 25-year-old singer and actress found fame as a child through her work with Disney – where she starred on ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ – and has said child stardom made her feel vulnerable as older male photographers would take snaps of her on the beach when she was a young teenager.

She said: “I remember just feeling really violated when I was younger, even just being on the beach. I was maybe 15 or 16 and people were taking pictures – photographers.

Selena Gomez/ Credit: shutterstock.com

“I don’t think anyone really knew who I was. But I felt very violated and I didn’t like it or understand it, and that felt very weird, because I was a young girl and they were grown men. I didn’t like that feeling.”

Selena Gomez/Credit: shutterstock.com

And the ‘Fetish’ hitmaker also recalled finding it difficult to come to terms with people noticing her for her image, rather than her work.

Selena Gomez/Credit: bangshowbiz.com

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