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Sienna Miller Keen to Star in a Marvel Movie!

Sienna Miller/Credit: by WENN.com

Sienna Miller is interested in starring in a Marvel movie.

The 35-year-old British blonde is keen to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a lead role and thinks a successful turn in a superhero blockbuster would give her “foreign value” as an actress and the potential to get some of her own passion projects off the ground.

Sienna Miller /Credit: by WENN.com

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Sienna said: “I would be the lead in a Marvel film. I’m not averse to doing something like that.”

Explaining what she means by “foreign value” in the cinema, she added: “Foreign value is numbers. You know, someone like Jennifer Lawrence has foreign value. She can get anything financed, she has foreign value for sure …

Sienna Miller /Credit: by WENN.com

For people to bank on you in that way, you need numbers. I can’t get a film financed in the way that you would need to. It’s all about numbers. Which is b****cks, because you can have two movie stars in something and if the film’s crap it can make nothing. The whole way that the industry is set up is numbers, and it doesn’t add up, they’re terrible at the numbers. But I’m not frustrated. I feel quite content.”

Sienna Miller /Credit: by WENN.com

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