The New iPhone Is the Coolest One Yet

It feels just like yesterday we hustling to get our hands on the iPhone 7s, but the rumors about the

upcoming iPhone 8 have been sparking our interests. Technology, who can keep up?

 iPhone 7s/ Credit: by
iPhone 7s/
Credit: by

A new report by the KGI securities analyst who is reportedly the go-to guy for his tech forecasts, has

claimed that the iPhone will be available in three different models of varying sizes, the home button will

be no more, there will be wireless charging, the screen will be curved, and lo and behold, a facial

recognition system.

iPhone 8/Screenshot
iPhone 8/Screenshot

To explain the new features, Apple will have the home button built into the display, so the button will be

removed to allow for the higher- quality OLED display screen.

iPhone 8/Screenshot
iPhone 8/Screenshot

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